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Friday, July 26, 2013

Picky Eater

Have I mentioned I was a picky eater growing up? My mother would try and bribe me, persuade me, cajole me, anything to get me to eat new things or things that were good for me.
I think the harder she tried the more I dug my heels in.
It must be a mother/child thing.
Because when I met Husband it all changed.
He could get me to taste anything.

One day he offered me a piece of calamari saying, “Here, try this.”
I said, “No thank you, I don’t eat rubber bands.”
He just shrugged and said, “Fine, more for me.”
And when it stopped being a power struggle I found I really did want to try it.

I was right; it was a deep fried rubber band.

But I tried it!
(Yeah, I know. It looks more like a fish but it's a squid!)

Is it calamari or rubber bands? Ha! Trick question! They're the same thing!


  1. Hahaha...me too. I drove my mother crazy. However, you could not get me to try calamari for love nor money. <3 yr squid.

  2. I agree, they are the same thing! Love your drawings and your squid is so cute:)

  3. Rubber bands they are, even in Italy (where I tried it).

  4. Calamari is an acquired taste, acquired at birth if you're Italian (-;

  5. I love that "Ha! They're the same thing."
    I completely agree! Lovely illustrations :)


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