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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The First Blip……..

On the retirement radar.

I have full and total control of the TV remote.

I USED to have control of the remote.
(Have I mentioned I don’t do well with change…..?)

Husband is an early riser. That means he’s the one to turn on the TV and choose what to watch.
I’m usually still in bed or on the computer so no biggie.

That is until I go into the living room.

He watches the news and weather.
I understand this. He’s an avid angler and needs to know the forecast.
But five hours a day of repeated bad news is beginning to wear on my nerves.

Other than that I’m okay with the shows he chooses.
Fishing shows aren’t my favorite but they’re kind of informative.
He also watches a lot of car restoration stuff.
I actually like these.

Then there’s the auto auction.
Continuous coverage of old-classic-expensive-and rare cars………..only goes so far.
Especially when I’m dying to channel surf during the commercials.
I mean I might be missing the 5,984,943,815 showing of the classic Gene Tierney movie Laura! (The fact that I can recite the dialog along with the entire movie is of no consequence!)

Did someone say control issues……?


  1. LOVE that old Gene Tierney movie! I do think I would skip the fishing and auto shows, though. I'm just sayin' ;)

  2. ...and this is just the start ☹
    Go make a hot drink ☕

  3. You need your own television with your own remote.

  4. I agree with CJ. Get your own TV and remote. Better yet, get your hubby a new TV and put it out in the garage or turn a second bedroom into a man cave!


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