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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Scathingly Brilliant Idea

'Smell-a Book'….. A scented tag you hang on your device that smells like new book pages for when you read Kindle/Nook books.
Like the fragrance thingies you hang on the rearview mirror in your car.
Hey, if they can make ‘new car smell’ in a can why not?

It will smell like the spanking new crisp pages of a freshly printed book to enhance your reading experience.

Everything is going virtual anyway. We no longer go outside to play games; we play them on our Wii. We no longer read paper books/magazines/newspapers we read them on our devices. And they’re always looking for way to enhance the experience to make it more like the ‘real’ thing? So why not 'Smell-a-Book' ?

Of course the obvious solution is to do the ‘real’ thing to begin with, but that seems to be counterintuitive these days.


  1. That sounds like a brilliant idea, although I prefer the real thing personally, lol.

  2. And then other scents like Old Book, Library Stacks, Book Shop, Old Newspaper...

  3. Interesting thought. I hope we're not headed in that direction, however. Seems like an idea for one of your digital drawings.


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