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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I’m in Trouble………….

Big, big trouble.
Right here in River City.

I said I’d never do it.
It’s ridiculous.
Not me!
I’m a purist.
No Kindle/Nook for me!

I want the whole tactile experience! Placing the order. Anticipating the delivery. Excitement of receiving the box and tearing it open.  Being the first person to hold that particular copy in my hands. Enjoyment of cracking the spine. Turning the pages. Ah….that new book smell! I want to immerse myself in the event!

I don’t want to hold a radiating gadget in my hands, weighed down by the heaviness of the device. Basking in the glow of a screen just doesn’t seem the same. It makes my eyes tired and burn if I read it too long.

It’s just not right.

But then………
Instant gratification.
The ability to have it exactly when I lust for it.
The vast assortment to choose from!
Books, magazines, newspapers………..and they offer some of the ones I actually read!
Hallelujah….I hear the angels singing…..

With a simple tap on the screen I can have whatever tickles my fancy at any given moment.
(Have I mentioned I have issues with late night decisions? LOL)

This is not good.
In the light of day I know I must control my impulses.

But then night falls and I sit basking in the glow of the small screen, giggling with delight as I read my latest purchase!

Damn you technology!


  1. At least it brought a great android drawing! Wasn't this story from something called Genesis?...I really liked that Group ;)

  2. Bet some monks felt the same way about Gutenberg's printing press, and then the monastery bought one. :-D

  3. i was just like you a year ago. then my daughter bought me a kindle for christmas.

    i still love a good, old-fashioned book...that is my first choice always. but i will admit that on those nights of insomnia, it is perfect for using and not disturbing anyone else by turning on lights.

    love CJ's comment above...it is probably very true!!

  4. Lol. I have my books synced on my kindle, tablet and Iphone so I can read anytime! And at least you aren't up at 3 in the morning playing pool!

  5. I still have not given in. There's just something special about holding a book.

  6. Oh the horror! Henny has her little hands clamped over her eyes. She's hoping you will revel in that new book smell come January :) Meanwhile, congrats on your purchase. They are so great to have--on trips, especially.

  7. That's how I felt when GPS came out. I just loved looking at maps. Planning my course and seeing what is around where I was going. Now we just enter the destination and mindlessly drive there.

  8. I smiled at this, because I was te same - never going to have an e-reader. Then I got one as a gift and now you couldn't part me from it - and I buy nearly all my books on the reader. Mine's actually lighter than a book!

  9. I still don't have one . . . but am thinking about it. I LOVE books, but oh there are so very many and where am I supposed to keep them all.


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