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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Son1 was just two years old when my mother finally got around to burying my father’s ashes.

It was an intimate ceremony. Just a handful of people in a small local church cemetery.

We were all being very solemn for the occasion, except Son1 who had no idea what was happening.

The minister said a prayer as he stooped down to lower the box into the ‘grave’, but at the last moment he lost his grip and dropped it.
As it hit the bottom of the hole it made a loud thud.

Son1 said in a loud two year old voice, “BOOM!”

We all looked at one another uncomfortably not quite sure what to do in this awkward situation, and then, as if on cue we all burst out laughing!
My mother said it was my father who made Son1 say what he did.

He was always one to go for the laugh!


  1. You just have the best family stories

  2. I second that :) & I love how kids are able to break tension without knowing it - there are so many lessons in kids' honesty :)
    (& you know, I LOVE how you're building a treasure chest of your family history & sense of humour here! I wish my mom had ever taken the time to record even a fragment of what you do. It would make me appreciate her and where she came from so much more if I had a sense of what made her smile!)

  3. What a moment!...(I know someone who forgot her dad's ashes! - she had to go back and get them from her house and always reckoned her dad would have thought it was really funny).

  4. HAHAHAHAHA! How happy that must've made everyone!


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