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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Curtain Critters

One of the drawbacks (or maybe it’s an advantage, I’m not sure which……lol) of having an overactive imagination is that I see ‘things’ everywhere.
As I sit and think BIG THOUGHTS, I often stare out the window through these sheer curtains. 

Except I don’t stare out at all.

I look AT them.

And I see all sorts of things.
Critters mostly.
So I guess I’ll call them my ‘Curtain Critters’!

Gotta' love digital drawing!


  1. Chris says he sees them too

  2. I love this. There's a policeman in my Asian carpet. Great minds see alike ;)

  3. Gotta love that imagination of yours!

  4. I do that but with patterns in wood.

  5. You've got me looking for them in your curtain now!...and I'm sure I saw some more! Love your digital drawings...perfect name Curtain Critters! (I'm slow in commenting - been busy, now on catch up)!


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