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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Embarrassment 101

Picture it, first grade show and tell.

The teacher is sitting first seat, first row as I regale the class with a fifteen minute monologue on my brand new, shiny, black patent leather Mary Janes.

I was so proud of them! 
I went on and on about how they measured my foot with that weird metal contraption, how nice the salesman was, how my mother allowed me to wear them home AND I got a lollipop!

I was on a roll!

The teacher could see how excited I was and when I finished she said, “Come over here and let me see!”

I paraded over to her and proceed to throw my foot up on the desk exposing my pink flowered panties for all the world to see.

The class began to giggle, but I was still clueless until the teacher looked at me with pitying eyes and said, “No Robin, I meant come around the desk and show me.”

It was then I realized my faux pas and as the class burst into guffaws of laughter I slinked back to my seat, blushing like a ripe tomato.

It was a long time until I didn’t get teased with ‘I see London, I see France, we ALL saw Robin’s underpants!’


  1. I feel for you with that one. (I once had a whole Audience at a Prize giving laugh at me)...I have never fully recovered. Great drawing :)

  2. Awww. That must be a hard one to live down. But, I'll bet they never forgot those awesome shoes!

  3. Poor you. On the other hand, wouldn't matter patent leather shoes reflect up. (-;

  4. I would imagine you have a little PTSD when you see patent leather ;)

  5. Oh no.. and children can be merciless when they tease. I hope you can laugh about it now x

  6. I just blogged about a first grade experience I had. Hopefully yours didn't affect you for years like mine did!

  7. Oh my gosh - yes, I was just thinking that, kids can run with these things for miles, like a dog with a good bone... Poor you!!
    But those shoes are awesome - I still love mary janes :D


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