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Monday, November 26, 2012


So, Husband and I are sitting in traffic on Black Friday (don’t ask) and I happened to look down at my arm and I see, glistening in the sunlight, this shape that an errant arm hair has formed.

Can you see the heart?

 All together now…..awwwwww.

I’m not sure if it’s cute or creepy but it’s definitely funny and it took our minds off the traffic and all the nut jobs (like us) that were stupid enough to be out on Black Friday!

(I wonder, does this mean I've officially run out of things to write about or am I just really easily amused? )


  1. Freakishly cute. Does't matter if you've run out of things to blog about or are easily amused, keep posting. Enable the nosy! (-;

  2. I can't imagine you'll ever run out of things to write. I think you MUST have been exuding love.

  3. Haha, this is The Stuff :D I agree with all the above, too :) It's an intricate part of what makes you inherently you - I think ;) And what makes you such a wonderful blogger :)


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