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Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Father Had Idiosyncrasies…..

Oy Vey, did he have idiosyncrasies!

One of his habits was picking up ‘fuzzits’ from the carpeting.

He used to bend over constantly and pick up little pieces of lint from the floor.
(A habit which I am distressed to say I have inherited, but I digress.)

 Anyway…….this habit didn’t really have any impact on me personally. I mean, if you want to play the ‘bend and stoop’ game, go for it! It was probably the only exercise he got anyway! LOL

Like I said, this habit didn’t have any personal impact on me until……..

I was having a pajama party. 
Ten pre-adolescent girls all in our jammies, playing music much too loudly and giggling like crazy.

I guess my father just wanted to check up on us and to tell us to quiet down.
No big deal.

Until………as he was going back to his bedroom he bent over to pick up a piece of lint from the floor.

Did I mention he slept in a night shirt? (sans underwear)
And not a floor length one!

As he bent over the night shirt rode up and…..well…. I think I’ve painted enough of a mental picture, you take it from here.

I’ll say one thing though, it certainly quieted us down!

(I'll spare you the illustration on this one! You're welcome! LOL)


  1. You painted a great mental pic without having to pick up a brush :)

  2. Was that the end of your pajama parties? :-D

  3. Another good chuckle that reminded me of my own story of seeing more of my dad then I wanted.... But I won't be providing any drawings either.


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