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Sunday, November 4, 2012


Son2 used to have the most annoying habit of ‘slipping’ away from us when we were out in public.
 (I have NO ides where he gets it from----she says whistling and looking innocent!)

Something interesting would catch his eye and he’d squirm out of our grasp and be gone in the blink of an eye.

This habit didn’t worry me when we were in places that I felt were relatively safe and confined, like the bookstore. If he wandered off I could usually find him in the children’s section.

So I was caught off guard one day while we were in Barnes &Noble when over the loudspeaker I heard, “Robin, please come to the information desk. Your son says you’re lost and he can’t find you!”
HE wasn’t lost, I was!
Gotta give him credit for resourcefulness! LOL.


  1. :) I'm sure the whole store had a giggle that day!

  2. Brilliant!....We had similar with both our kids when they were littlies, we just couldn't run off quickly enough, they always found us! lol.


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