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Monday, November 5, 2012

Lost (the first generation)

I was about five years old.
My mother and I were shopping at Macy’s. 
She left me in the toy department with strict instructions NOT TO LEAVE, she would be right back!

So of course I left.

After alerting the management to close all the exits and thoroughly searching the store they finally found me, perched on a stool in the men’s fitting room, happily chatting with a gentleman who was being measured for a new suit.

In this day and age I guess that would be a whole different situation, but back then it was all very innocent.
My mother thanked the man for being so patient and understanding, grabbed me tightly by the upper arm and dragged me out of the store.

I’m sure I got a severe talking to when we got home.

 I KNOW she never left me in the toy department alone again!

Like I said, I have NO idea where Son2 gets it from………;)


  1. Did you always do the opposite to what your were told!?!

  2. OH, but this brings back memories. What is it about #2 children?! :) ;)

  3. LOL! Oh so funny! Are you telling us that you don't actually Remember the severe talking to?!?


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