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Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Walk the Line

It’s a fine line between comfort and paying the electric bill.

We keep the thermostat in the house set at 78°.
Anything cooler and the bill goes through the roof, anything warmer and I walk around with puddles in my sneakers.

If it gets really bad and I can’t turn off the sweat machine I go out and run errands so I can turn on the air-conditioning in the car and have all the vents aimed at me.

 I look like a dog hanging its head out the window with its ears flapping in the wind, except I’m inside and the windows are closed!


  1. But you're in FL! During the day when I'm home alone, the thermostat is set to 68. I wear a hoodie with a sherpa lining and polartec fingerless mitts if I'm really cold. Lately, the hot flashes are keeping me comfy. Temp at 70 when the rest of the family is home. 65 after 9 pm. Last oil bill was 3.99 per gal. Any temp higher and the bill will cost two arms and two legs. Anything lower and the short and curlies will freeze.

  2. Sorry. Can't relate. But I CAN relate to your PINK car drawing. It is awesome.

  3. Love your illo. I look like that in the car on the rare days I have the air con on. (We're usually colder here)

  4. Hillarious! We don't have AC in the house OR car and daytime temps are always 80s or 90s. But as soon as I put myself in a taxi, my first words are, "más de aire acondicionado por favor". (And sometimes it even works).

  5. Yes you do keep me grinning. My problem is the opposite to yours. It was -30 here today, and the wood stove has been burning constantly for a couple of months.


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