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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thinker of BIG Thoughts

As a ‘Thinker of BIG Thoughts’ I’ve decided to let you in on the inner workings of a BIG THOUGHT THINKER.
Hang on! LOL

Making artwork is very conducive to ‘mind wandering’ (aka zoning out.)
I use this time efficiently to ponder the great questions of our day.

One of these great questions popped into my head the other day so I decided to do some research to find the answer.
Here is the answer to the burning question that I KNOW has been on your mind.


Out of ALL the people in the world 7,053,253,595 (aprox.) those who have internet access 7,017,846,922 what percentage of the human population read my blog?

ANSWER: 0.0000014% (also aprox.)
Here’s the pie chart that represents my readership:


(well, it certainly keeps me from getting a swelled head!)

And I am unreservedly thankful to each and every one of you 0.0000014%!


  1. Hahaahaaaa....and this percentage is very pleased to be reading your blog! lol

  2. HAAAA HAAA. Very humbling...isn't it. Did you count my daughter...who isn't following but gets your posts through....another avenue?

  3. LOL....I love your blog, and statistic ALWAYS misrepresent. Hugs xx


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