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Friday, November 16, 2012

Dr. Newhart

I liked going to see Dr. Newhart when I was little because he would give you a lollipop every time (no matter how much you cried!)

But he was very sneaky about it.

He would come into the room with both hands behind his back and ask which hand had the lollipop.
It didn’t matter which hand you picked, he would always give you the one with the lollipop.

And as you were happily tearing the cellophane off he’d nail you with the syringe that he was hiding in the other hand!

When you finally caught on and were feeling the pain from the needle, he’d point at your mother and say, “She did it!”

When I was older (and thought about his behavior) I asked my mother why he would blame it on her. It seemed kind of mean to me.
She said it was because you’d have to forgive your mother but not necessarily the Dr. and he didn’t want his patients being afraid to come see him.

I still can’t decide if that’s good psychological medicine or he was just tricky! LOL


  1. Our pediatrician made his nurse give all shots! Same idea as your Dr. Newhart.

  2. It sounds a little creepy to me - tricky, indeed ;) But in the end, if it worked, it worked... I wouldn't want to be the one to stick needles into little kids - or any people, for that matter - either, so I guess in some warped way, I get it!


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