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Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Take on Circles

More circles for the Sketchbook Challenge.
These count as circles, right?

I bought them for artistic purposes, I swear!
But I know if I open the bag to sketch their colorful little 'bodies' there won’t be any left to draw! LOL
That’s why I only drew the bag!
('Red' looks more like a demented tomato than a red M&M!)


  1. Inspiration comes in many forms. Chocolate with colorful candy shells is great inspiration.

  2. Perfectly acceptable. However, I would advise not eating after dark ;)

  3. New bag design...and you did a great job sketching it! They're so expensive here that I don't even look at the bag much less buy any.

  4. Great sketch and yes it does count for Sketchbook Challenge...bet you open them though...lol.


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