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Friday, July 20, 2012

Food Allergies Con’t

The same year I was caught with the Fudgsicle, I got sick.

I don’t have a very clear memory about this. I remember I stopped esting and was losing weight rather rapidly.

What I do remember is I must have been pretty sick because they kept trying to bribe me to eat something.
ANYTHING! Even the forbidden foods!

My Father, in an effort to get me to eat and get well, brought home a large container of chocolate ice cream (my favorite forbidden food!)

When I say large, I mean the size that they have at ice cream parlors!
The kind where the girl scooping the ice cream practically disappears when she reaches in to get some.

He brought it home, plopped it on the kitchen table, stuck a spoon in it and said, “Go to town!”

That’s when I knew I was dying! 
(But apparently I recovered! LOL)


  1. A drum of chocolate ice cream. Death By Chocolate. What a way to go

  2. ...this may be the source of the 9 pm ice cream attacks? Sounds divine.


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