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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Captivating the Room

A few months ago we met up with out of town friends for dinner.

Son2 was able to join us.

We dined at the hotel where they were staying.
It was a small dining room with a bar and a few patrons and the eight of us (plus the wait staff.)

Our friend’s parents had never met Son2, so they were talking and getting to know him.

I was absolutely amazed, flabbergasted and TOTALLY proud of Son2!

He was funny, articulate, smart, informed, a great conversationalist and very personable!

So much so that the wait staff started lingering around our table (refilling full water glasses) to hear the stories he was telling.

The people at the bar turned around on their stools to listen to his stories!

I was captivated (I’m his mother so that didn’t seem odd) but so was the ENTIRE dining room.

It was almost as if he was the entertainment!

Husband and I were beaming! I thought Husband was going to pop the buttons off his shirt!

People even said to us, “We thoroughly enjoyed listening to your son. He should be a standup comedian!”

And this was the little boy we used to call ‘Eeyore’!


  1. The parents had such a good time. They still talk about him.

  2. It is amazing how our children grow up and we hardly realise it. You have been priveleged to 'see' what others see...personally I'm still trying to work our children out!!lol.

  3. Aw - that just warms my heart. I'm quite sure he 'got it honest'...as my hubby would say.

  4. I had no doubt that you would have a wonderful son... and not surprised that he is a wonderful storyteller to boot... the apple didn't fall far from the tree my friend!


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