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Sunday, July 8, 2012

CJ Kennedy

My friend CJ has started a new blog called CJ Kennedy--Mafundsalo Curio.

She is selling some of her parent’s cherished collectibles they acquired over a lifetime at her Etsy shop.

By telling their stories she is hoping they will go on to new and loving homes, and will be used and cherished as much as her mother cherished them.

Have a look, there are some lovely items!

I am very touched and honored to be the recipient of one of Ma’s beautiful tea cups.

Thank you CJ for letting me share in the legacy. I will think of you and your mother every time I use it (filled to the brim with Wilsonade!)


  1. Lovely! "things" mean more when they have connections, and this one has such a beautiful connection.

  2. Thanks, Robin, I'm so glad you helped me celebrate the opening of the Etsy shop by participating in the contest and answering my Etsy questions. Looks like you gave your new camera a workout, too. You caught the delicacy of the flowers so well and gave me some ideas for future Etsy pics. Ancora impara. I'm still learning.

  3. What a great way for CJ to make sure her treasures go to good homes!


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