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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Photo Fun

I take the ‘back road’ to get to my bank. On this road there is an empty lot that is home to three Burrowing Owl nests.

Our little city is home to the largest population of the Florida species of the Burrowing Owl in the State of Florida. Since this species of these pint sized birds are only found in Florida, by default we have the largest population in the WORLD!

The city puts stakes around the dens to guard them and perches for them to sit on, since they are a protected species. They are a nocturnal animal, although they do come out of their burrows during the day (to be sociable I’m sure!)

Since getting my new camera, whenever I go to the bank I bring it with me. Thinking I could get some good shots and learn how to use the telephoto ‘lens’.

But every time I would drive by they must have been having indoor meetings.

Until today!

I took 78 shots.
Out of those 78 about 30 were in focus! LOL

I tried all sorts of different settings.
My mistake was not making notations, so now I don’t know what setting I was on when I got the good shots! Duh!

Aren’t they cute?
Aw jeez, not another one with a camera!

What the hell are YOU looking at?

Is she done yet?

Wait, I wasn't ready!

Up top!

Here I am posing majestically for your stupid picture!

So take the damn picture already!


  1. I do the same when I change the settings and forget to note it!!...You have ended up with brilliant photos regardless of notes, aren't they the most amazing little chaps/or chapy-eses and remarkeably long legs too. Your captions really go right with the pics.lol. (on another note I've just discovered the Left-Handed Smiley which I've done as this (: but apparently it should be this (-: Trust me to get a simple thing wrong!

  2. The owls are cool, though I thought owls were nocturnal. I love your captions gave me a laugh today

  3. These are GREAT! My fav is, 'What the hell are YOU looking at?' What a fabulous expression...makes me want to draw him!

  4. LOL! I am SO happy for digital cameras! My one splurge while the kids were little was buying and developing film. I still have thousands of pictures of which 200 might be good. You keep on practicing and you'll know just what to do. These are GReat! I miss those little critters.

  5. Great photos...those owls are just amazing! I was fortunate enough to see them many many years ago when I was on a college trip to Florida (learning about the ecology of the area)I will never forget seeing these owls, and I do have a couple of pics of them on slides somewhere!


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