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Friday, July 6, 2012

My Mother Gave Me a Gift

It’s not something you can see or touch.

She gave me a stubborn streak. A strong will and strength.

She taught me “You Can!”

When my mother died I felt like a part of me died along with her. Something inside me stopped. Stopped growing. Stopped imagining. Stopped becoming.

I felt like a ship without it’s rudder on a rough sea, unable to control my direction. Just being swept along with no power over where I was going.

It’s been fourteen years now and although I still miss her so much sometimes it’s palpable, I have learned to go on.

I have gained control over my ship.

There are times when the wind still overtakes me, but for the most part I have rebuilt my rudder.

When I feel overwhelmed I hear her whisper in my ear, “You can!”


  1. What a wonderful legacy she left you

  2. Amen for those kind of mothers.

  3. I too have a stubborn streak... not sure it came from my mom...perhaps my dad, anyway I got it and I am glad I do. I continually tell my hubby it is a good quality... he doesn't usually agree.
    I also feel blessed to have a wonderful relationship with my mom, and having her live only a few blocks away means I get to visit her often.


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