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Sunday, July 1, 2012


I am LOVING this fountain pen! (cheap Bic throw-away)

I'm finding some interesting things happening with my art.

First of all, that I can call it 'art' without feeling like I'm a fraud! LOL

I never thought I could draw, and it turns out I can.
(Mom was right! Practice does make perfect! Not that what I draw is by any stretch of the imagination perfect, but you get the point.)

And one really amazing thing  has happened.
At least I think it's amazing!
I don't use a pencil to sketch out my ideas first anymore!
I go straight to pen!
For me that's a big step!
They don't always turn out exactly right, (lol) but they didn't always turn out right in pencil either. 


  1. Love it. I always knew you could draw. xx

  2. Not brave enough to draw without a safety net (yet). What is this pen? Where do you get it? Do I need one?

  3. That IS a big huge step. Welcome to the freefall club. No more pencils, no more erasers. Yah!


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