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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Speaking of Big John

This humongous statue stands in the parking lot at the appropriately named Big John’s Plaza. 

I think he’s kind of creepy looking, but I also think every town should have a giant statue as its claim to fame!

As much as this Big John creeps me out I find that I am inexplicably enamored of his gigantic sneakers. 

They just tickle me!

I guess there’s no accounting for some people’s taste! LOL

Click on the  picture below to read his story.


  1. I was sure when I saw your post about Big John...your school mate...that it would be about THIS Big John...so I'm happy to see he's immortalized on your blog. He wasn't carrying the bags last time I saw him!

  2. You're right, he is freaky!...nice to read his story though. A local town Ilfracombe is likely to get an equally freaky statue at some time (that Damien Hirst bloke) is looking to put a larger than life statue of a pregnant woman in the harbour!...(bet it won't have a wedding ring on!)lol.


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