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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mailbox Love

It came! It came! It came!

A while ago I bought a gorgeous door knob quilt from bohemiannie!
Unfortunately for me I did not buy it when she was here in the states.
I bought it when she got back to Columbia.
Columbia’s postal service is somewhat dubious, so I had to wait until she or a family member planned to visit the US to be able to mail it to me.
Pedro, her son-in-law, graciously brought it with him on his latest foray to the USA and mailed it!

Today this awaited me in my mailbox!

A WONDERFUL un-birthday present!
Lucky me!
Isn’t it beautiful?
THANK YOU annie! I will treasure it always!

PLUS, there were extras!
An exquisite handmade botanical card:

And STILL more, her very clever and unique business card:

And...... a cute bookmark!

Mailbox love.....sigh!


  1. LOL! Thank you - thank you - thank you Robin!!! I'm so happy that it makes you happy!!! My un-birthday gift!

  2. OMG! it's so Annie's work....brilliant. What a clever fabric artist she is:)

  3. What lovely treasures! I am sure you will enjoy them all. Happy Un-Birthday to you!


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