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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Let’s Play Scavenger Hunt

Cats are funny things.
They are creatures of habit.
And if their routine changes you know something is up.
I know when I clean the litter box if I don’t find a ‘prize’ in there she has decided to send me on what I like to call our Scavenger Hunt Game.

It’s lots of fun!

Because cats are nimble.
And climbers.
And can get into all sorts of places that I, as a human, would never think to look.

But I know she’s eating, and if it’s not in the litter box it’s SOMEWHERE!

I always look forward to these little surprise hunts.
Nothing puts me in a better mood than to have to scour the house, climbing a step-ladder, to check the plant shelves and crawling around on my hands and knees looking under beds!

It’s LOTS of fun!

And the BEST part is, when I finally find the prize, I have to scrape it up off the carpet (because, of course, it’s no fun to do it on the tiles where cleanup would be easier!) and scrub the dirty spot.

She does this deliberately!
I know she does.
I can see it in her eyes.
That look of total triumph as she looks on, while I clean the mess, on all fours, muttering to myself, “I still love her. Yes, I do. I really, really, REALLY do!”


  1. Great drawing!... may be kitty suffers from short term memory loss - 'No chance' do I hear you say, lol.

  2. Nothing says I love you more than cat yak or a tootsie roll on the carpet, bed, upholstered chair, under the desk, drafting table, inside the tracks on the slider doors...


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