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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Camera Love

I wish the owner’s manual came in print form.
Having to go back to the computer to read the PDF is starting to get old. (I know I can print it out but I’m too cheap to waste a whole ink cartridge and ream of paper! LOL)
Hopefully they will come out with a 'dummies' book soon for the SX40!

The afternoon rains have returned and sometimes the clouds are such an amazing color. 
I just had to try and capture them.

And after it rains the rainbows appear!

I have seen more rainbows since I moved here than in my entire life up north!


  1. I hear ya about those manuals. Love your cloud pics

  2. These are great pics. I know what you mean about seeing more rainbows here than in the North.

  3. We get a lot of rainbows here, too...as you might imagine. But I've never seen so many as I have in Hawaii! Btw, gorgeous cloud pics--I don't think you need to read the manual :)


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