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Friday, July 27, 2012

I Showed My Artistic Abilities at a Young Age

I was two years old and in the hospital. I have some vague memories of this.

I remember being in an oxygen tent.
It was a clear plastic covering over my crib.
My mother kept saying how lucky I was, I was the only one on the ward with my own ‘house’!

I remember the nurses yelling at me to stop eating all the ice that was in the bucket at the foot of the crib.

I remember Dr. Newhart bringing me a new box of fat crayons and a coloring book.

I remember disliking the coloring book because it was so babyish!

So instead of coloring in the coloring book I colored the sheet.

Every square inch of the sheet!

My mother said they had to throw it out because there wasn’t one single spot of white left.

I remember being very proud of my artistic endeavors! I just couldn’t figure out why nobody else was!

I also remember the day my mother came to take me home. This little doll was all alone in the big hatbox suitcase  she brought with her.

I don't remember if I named her, but she is the only doll I've kept from my childhood.

She is two years younger than I am! 
(I hope I’m wearing better! LOL)


  1. Impressive memory. My earliest are when I was four and in nursery school. Your dolly looks well loved. You know, you could color every inch of your sheets now, and you wouldn't get into trouble.

  2. She's absolutely beautiful! What a treasure!!

  3. If you'd had a marker in your hand coming out of the womb...your momma would have been in trouble!

  4. You were such a brave kid... and your doll looks lovely! I remember when I was about 3 in the hospital, and not wanting to move around in bed for fear of messing up the blankets, and my mom bought me a new doll called "Polly the Pocket Dolly" unfortunately I no longer have her.


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